Where to get Breakfast in Pattaya?

Where to get Breakfast in Pattaya?

Where to get Breakfast in Pattaya? For a month, we went around establishments in various parts of the city where you can eat breakfast until 10 am.

O'Gara's Irish Pub: An Irish-style gastropub with comfortable seating, football on TV and smiling waitresses with a good memory for names.

The audience is mostly English speaking and knowing each other.

Breakfast is striking not in the choice, but in the quality.

Big Irish breakfast is really "big": quality bacon, well done, two Cumberland sausages, eggs, beans, tomatoes and potatoes with mushrooms.

If your figure is what you are still thinking about, we advise you to take the standard version of this breakfast, where everything will be the same, but half the size.

Chefs are especially good at omelets and all breakfasts are accompanied by juice and a huge mug of coffee.

Continental Bakery: The time-tested chain of cafes with the largest number of breakfasts in Pattaya.

The menu is full of internationalism. There are several types of English "breakfasts" with beans, tomatoes and ham (from 139 baht).

There are Swiss and German "furstucks" with bacon and potato pancakes - "rösti".

And there are also French "petit dejone" with croissants and soft-boiled eggs.

A definite plus of the institution is the opening hours from 6 am.

The Continental has three branches throughout Pattaya: one restaurant in Jomtien, one on Buakhao soybeans and another off Sukhumvit highway on Khao Noi soybeans.

Breakfast in Pattaya

All cafes have a bakery with fresh pastries and homemade yoghurts.

The Edge: Hilton's 14th floor restaurant is by far the most spectacular breakfast spot in Pattaya.

Guests are offered an extensive buffet of European and Asian dishes: salads, cereals, pancakes, fruits and meat delicacies.

We would like to point out seafood in a separate line: the freshest shrimp and crabs that were still swimming yesterday evening in the Gulf of Thailand, sushi and rolls.

In addition, Hilton restaurants have always been famous for their delicious sweet pastries: it is easy to sin here with a couple of biscuit cakes with fresh berries or endless fluffy custard buns.

You should arrive at The Edge early to sit at a table on the outdoor terrace and watch the city wake up.

Loaf Cafe: The design here guesses the "image and likeness" of the Provencal boulangerie, and the aromas of fresh baguettes and croissants are in the air.

In addition to the standard breakfast sets with scrambled eggs, bacon and bread, which vary in size, there is also a gourmet breakfast set with several types of omelets and toast.

The Coffee Club: Solid Australian restaurant chain with good food quality - including breakfast.

There are one and a half dozen of them: salads, omelets, muesli and eggs "in every way".

Emphasis here is on serving - all dishes are served on large plates and decorated with a solid bunch of herbs.

A local "breakfast" hit is a poached egg on a toasted ciabatta with smoked salmon, ham or mushrooms of your choice.

Breakfasts at The Coffee Club are served throughout the day, which means that not only larks, but also owls will be able to catch them.

Coffee Club restaurant is located in the Royal Garden Plaza department store and has a branch on Naklua Street, which remains almost the only place in the north of Pattaya where you can eat decently in the early morning.

Do you have a favourite place for breakfast when in Pattaya?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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