Cheap Flights to Pattaya | Best Deals

Cheap Flights to Pattaya | Best Deals

Cheap Flights to Pattaya are still available and although not as cheap as many Europe destinations you can still grab a deal.

With a bit of time and searching you can soon get the price down on a Pattaya flight and start planning your holiday.

Where to get a Cheap Pattaya Flight?

Many online travel companies now provide flight only Pattaya options with the main one being SkyScanner.

Well known and trusted you can choose which date, seats and choose various connections for your flight to Pattaya.

You have a couple of airports available when getting a flight to Pattaya with the main ones being Bangkok and U-Tapao.

Many flights will have at least one connecting flight to Pattaya and for those flying to Bangkok you have a transfer of around an hour.

Why get a Flight to Pattaya Thailand?

Pattaya has managed to put Thailand in the world tourist circuit with its beautiful bay area, mesmerising beaches, lush green offshore islands and excellent opportunities for adventurous sports like scuba diving and parasailing.

Discovered by American soldiers fighting the Vietnam War, Pattaya soon developed into a full-fledged beach resort favoured by families.

With international tourists making a beeline to this beach side town, authorities pitched in by upgrading infrastructure and accommodation to keep up with international trends.

Cheap Flights to Pattaya

Now, Pattaya is a well-balanced tourist resort with something of interest for each of its visitors.

While golf lovers are spoilt for choice with a whopping 21 golf courses within a radius of one hour drive, Pattaya has numerous zoos, theme parks, botanical gardens, museums, aquariums and submarine rides to captivate the entire family.

Pattaya Bay is divided into two main beaches – Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach – by Pratumnak Hill, a promontory.

While Pattaya beach extends from the Walking Street to Pattaya Nuea, Jomtien Beach occupies the southern part of the bay area.

Pattaya Beach Road is jam-packed with shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment venues; whereas Jomtien beach area has beachfront hotels, bungalows, restaurants, bars, shops and high-rise condominiums.

Jomtien has shops that rent out equipment including boats for various water sports activities like parasailing, jet skiing and sailing.

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