Eating Out in Pattaya | Where & What to Eat

Eating Out in Pattaya | Where & What to Eat

Eating Out in Pattaya: Pattaya is one of the best places for food lovers.

There are over 300 restaurants serving good delicious food available in Pattaya.

As eating is not so expensive, even the local people like to eat out rather than having meals at their homes.

Dinner for two can be as cheap as under 300 Baht.

And although you have a meal in top international restaurants, the cost is less than in foreign countries.

The available cuisines range from local Thai street food to first class Thai restaurants.

If you like to try other food, there are international food choices from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Phillipinno, Vietnamese, Italian, Russian, American, Maxican, Cajun, Irish, German, Belgium and French, etc.

Fast food is also available including many high street chains we find back at home.

Eating out is a popular activity, so take a good look at the restaurants and food establishments listed here: Food & Drink and give some of them a try.

The listed restaurants are just only some of the popular ones but check back regularly as we will be updating this section every week with new and exciting places to eat in Pattaya.

Eating Out in Pattaya

Take this advice but also venture out on your own.

Some of the best tasting food in town sometimes comes with the tiny little restaurants with no names.

You can eat perched on a stool beside a noodle cart or have your every need catered for by uniformed waiters in the hushed environment of world class restaurants.

The choice is yours!

Need some inspiration?

Check out our blog on Local Food in Pattaya and if you enjoy a big breakfast: Breakfast in Pattaya

Do you have a favourite place to eat in Pattaya or a favourite meal?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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