Awesome Irish Bars in Pattaya | Pattaya Bars

Awesome Irish Bars in Pattaya | Pattaya Bars

Irish Bars in Pattaya: The main Irish holiday - St. Patrick's Day - can no longer be called Irish.

On March 17 every year, not only Dublin, but also New York, Sydney, Johannesburg and even Phnom Penh go out to parade, and then continue noisily in one of the pubs where Guinness is poured.

Pattaya is no exception.

Mulligan's; This is the Pattaya branch of the Singapore Irish bar chain.

With all the ensuing consequences: the institution is artificial, non-atmospheric, expensive.

However, Mulligan's is the best place to watch the traditional St. Patrick's Day parade, which will be held in Pattaya for the third time - the procession will pass just past the bar terrace.

Just take a table in advance - there will be more than enough people who want to greet the parade participants not in the heat, but with a mug of cold Guinness.

Dicey Reilly's: The presence of a first-class Marriott hotel next door obliges - the institution is licked, the staff is well trained.

You will not want to enter here in swimming shorts and flip flops on your bare feet.

Bartenders and waiters have a good memory - as soon as you exchange a word with them, the next time they will remember you by name.

In this pub it is not a sin not only to drink (there is also Kilkenny beer and Magners cider from Irish ), but also to have a snack.

Irish Bars in Pattaya

Try a classic, hearty Dublin coddle: a stew with sausages, bacon, potatoes and onions.

Rosie O 'Gradys: One of the oldest Irish pubs in Pattaya - opened in 1999 just on St. Patrick's Day.

And it still remains afloat. The secret of a "long-liver" is simple - to feed with delicious food and not to tear three skins for beer.

The chefs succeed in both Anglo-Irish cuisine (roast beef is especially good) and Thai.

There is a separate dining room - to dine in a more relaxed, non-barren atmosphere.

Pool lovers praise the local pool tables.

Quite crowded - especially during significant football matches, so it makes sense to book a table in advance.

Murphy's Law: There is nothing particularly Irish in the interior of this establishment - except, perhaps, a huge "green-white-orange" flag at the entrance.

However, this particular pub is the epicenter of "Irish" Pattaya.

Largely thanks to its owner, Steve from Cork, who himself is no fool to parade, play bagpipes, play Gaelic football or clink glasses with each visitor personally with a mug of fresh stout.

By the way, the beer here is not a banal Guinness, but an authentic barrel Murphy's, which, by the way, is also from Cork.

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