Trying Local Pattaya Food | 5 Amazing Dishes

Trying Local Pattaya Food | 5 Amazing Dishes

Local Pattaya Food: When ordering Khao Tom for breakfast, Som Tam for lunch and green curry for dinner, you think you know everything about Thai cuisine.

No matter how it is! Want an experiment? Pop any locale on a plate: there will be nothing that you are used to.

A bit strange in appearance and rather unusual in taste, Thai food "for Thais" in Pattaya can be tasted literally on every corner.

We've handpicked 5 of the most delicious local dishes you probably haven't tasted yet!

1. Yam Pla Duk Fu (crispy fish fillet and mango salad)

What Thai dish do you most often order with a bottle of cold Singhi? Not important!

After you taste Yam Pla Duk Fu, this salad will become your favourite beer snack.

It looks amazingly appetising, and consists of fish meat (usually fillet of catfish or catfish is taken), softened and fried until crispy golden flakes, and sweet mango, cut in the likeness of "Som Tam'' and seasoned with fish sauce, lime, herbs and nuts,

Keep in mind: it is not customary to eat this dish "in one person" - the Thais themselves always take it "for a company", ordering several plates at the same time during parties.

2. Yen Ta Fo (very pink soup)

To some, this dish resembles borscht, to someone diluted potassium permanganate.

But this is in appearance.

To the taste, it is an incomparable sweet and sour (more sweet than sour) soup with rice noodles and many additional ingredients: morning glory grass, fish balls, pork.

Some macaques add mushrooms, some fresh shrimp, some fried jellyfish.

Yen Ta Fo is necessarily flavoured with tofu cheese, clotted blood cutlets and large rice chips. Mmmm, aroi poppy poppy!

The rich pink colour of this soup comes from a special fermented soybean paste.

By default, the soup is not spicy - chili is added to taste.

Local Pattaya Food

3. Khao Soi (Chiang Mai curry with noodles)

One of the few dishes that came to Pattaya not from Isan, but from the north of the country.

Khao Soi is a delicious mixture of yellow noodles, meat (standard set: chicken, pork, beef) and poured to the brim with coconut milk sauce with red curry.

The soup is “decorated” with chopped onions, a heap of pickled cabbage and a slice of lime.

It turns out pretty rich. Moderately thick. And too much!

Therefore, if your stomach prefers bland, when ordering "Khao Soy" shout "know spicy!"

At the whole maker, otherwise you will get a dish in the style of "pluck your eyes out".

4. Kai Yeu Ma Song Kruang (black eggs with all sorts of things)

This dish is sometimes referred to as a “centenary egg salad”.

And it is no coincidence - the eggs really look as if they were laid back in the heyday of Ayutthaya.

In fact, the unnatural black-brown colour is formed as a result of many months of exposure to a special mixture without access to air.

At first glance, all this looks not very appetising. But it's worth a try and it risks becoming one of your favourite Thai treats.

Eggs can be either chicken or duck eggs. And it's usually served with chopped onions, candied ginger, peanuts, and chilli.

In Pattaya, this dish is prepared almost everywhere. But the most correct salad of "centenary eggs" will be served to you in Chinese restaurants on Central Street.

5. Bua Loi (rice balls in coconut cream)

Literally translated, "Bua Loi'' means "floating lotus."

This is a dessert, but unusual: while the rest of Thai delicacies are served chilled, on the contrary, they are eaten hot.

The dish consists of warmed coconut cream, in which multicoloured rice "confetti'' and ... a sweetened poached egg float.

We agree - the selection of ingredients looks rather strange.

But it works! The dessert has a pleasant mild flavor, sweet but not overly sweet, with a delicate aroma of pandanum leaf, which is used to colour the rice balls.

If you are confused by the "drifting" egg, just say "mai sai kai'' and you will be cooked without it.

Thais love to take "Bua Loi'' on the road - any maker has special bags for this.

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