The Best Pattaya Bars and Clubs

The Best Pattaya Bars and Clubs

Pattaya Bars: Offering almost a thousand bars, Pattaya assures its guests of unending options of evening escapes and destinations.

If you wish to travel to Thailand, make sure to venture to Pattaya to experience its majestic views and enjoy its evening events.

Each area in Pattaya presents different themed bars and caters to different groups.

A common area visited by newbie tourists are the Pattaya bars along Walking Street in South Pattaya.

This area of about a fourth of a mile in length has the best and famous bars which tourists enjoy and come back to night after night.

Here you will see all sorts of people – couples, families, bachelors, bar girls, etc, and they are all looking for a night of fun.

Night after night beer bars, open bars, discos, and pubs on and off Walking Street get packed with nocturnal souls.

Some of the famous Pattaya bars in Walking Street are Secrets Bar, Pattaya Beer Garden, Fantasy Sports Grill, Wildcats Bar, and Insomnia Club Pattaya to name a few.

If you venture out of Walking Street and you feel a little more daring than usual, head to East Pattaya and there you will see the ‘dark side’ of Pattaya.

Nightlife here still tries to catch up to the glimmer of Walking Street.

Some of the famous Pattaya bars in East Pattaya are Butterfly Bar, Crossroads Bar, and Dao Bar to name a few.

Pattaya Bars

Another Pattaya bar that has a colourful banner is the Pook Bar.

Located at Soi 6, this bar has a western feel because of its ‘Coyote Ugly’ girls dancing on bar ledges for the men to enjoy.

Pook Bar also offers a guesthouse for guests who want to doze off after a night of titillating fun.

Most men who travel to Pattaya choose to go to Pattaya beer bars.

Here, a lot of bar girls go around entertaining men who want to have fun.

Beer bars fill Pattaya from the East side up to Jomtien Beach.

Some of the more famous beer bars are Cosy Bar, Party Bar, Saigon Girl Bar, and Take Care Bar.

Those who are searching for gay bars will not have a difficult time finding one in Pattaya.

A famous area at Dongtan Beach is host to a gay area which is overlooking the sea.

Also, a famous bar close to the area magnetizes gay patrons; this is the Bondi Beach Bar.

Other bars that are visited by gay patrons are Bamboo Bar, Dolce Vita Bar, Festival Pub, Ganymede Bar, and L & N Bar.

Most of these bars also offer accommodations due to its close proximity to the beach areas.

If you are looking for live music then the Hot Tuna Bar on Walking Street is a must.

So if you are looking for an ultimate escape from your usual routines, then travel to Southeast Asia and head to Thailand.

You are guaranteed to have a wonderful time in any of the Pattaya bars mentioned.

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