Pattaya Weather | 12 Month Pattaya Weather

Pattaya Weather | 12 Month Pattaya Weather

Pattaya Weather: Thailand, being a tropical country, experiences three seasons in a year. 

The wet, dry, and cool seasons share almost equal number of months in its occurrence. 

Although there are three seasons in tropical countries such as Thailand and its neighbouring nations Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam, the temperature throughout the year doesn’t really vary; thus, an average temperature of 29⁰C or 84⁰F is experienced in tropical nations. 

The weather in Pattaya also does follow this pattern.

It is important for travellers to study the weather and climate patterns of the country they wish to visit. 

In Thailand, the wet season starts towards the end of May and continues until October. 

Southwest monsoon usually brings tropical rain showers or tropical depressions to the northern part of Thailand. 

Luckily, since Pattaya is located in the south central part of Thailand, it may experience less rainfall but this doesn’t guarantee fair weather in Pattaya during the wet months. 

When there is torrential rainfall, Pattaya streets get flooded and tourists are forced to sit it out until the water has subsided. 

Due to this, it would be best for travellers to stay off the city during this season as bad weather may occur anytime within these months.

Pattaya Weather

Pattaya dry season starts towards the end of February until June. 

The amount of humidity rises as the dry season progresses and because of this, tourists may feel terribly uncomfortable with the intense humid heat. 

Nevertheless, this kind of weather is the best time to visit the coastal areas of Thailand, Pattaya. 

This time of the year the weather in Pattaya entices even the locals to take a dip at Pattaya beach or Jomtien Beach to cool off their bodies.

The cool season starts November to February. 

Even though temperatures may reach 30⁰C during noon, these months experience less humidity so guests can feel more comfortable as they escape the winter season in their respective western nations. 

Tourists need not bring warmers or sweaters as this “cool season” is incomparable and is still a lot warmer than the spring weather that westerners feel.

Although the rainfall is seasonal in Pattaya, make sure you book your tickets away from the wet season as it can dampen your much awaited Pattaya holiday due to bad weather.

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