Things to Do in Pattaya | Pattaya Attractions

Things to Do in Pattaya | Pattaya Attractions

Things to Do in Pattaya: Pattaya and its surrounds are packed with exciting things to do and see.

Attractions such as the Elephant Village, the Floating Market, Mini Siam, Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm and the Sanctuary of Truth are but a few of the local attractions.

Ban Amphur Fishing Village: On the main Sukhumvit highway from Pattaya to Sattahip this fishing village is full of seafood restaurants, Seafood food stalls and shops selling dried products to take home.

Entrance to the beach leads down to the Lighthouse restaurant where the beach sprawls for miles.

Bang Saray: 6 kilometer further toward Sattahip is Bang Saray. A bit more ”up market” but similar to Ban Ampur.

The beach seems to run for miles, plenty of places to relax under trees, lots of beach restaurants.

Chinese Temple: Vihara Sein Temple Chinese Temple is an interesting afternoon out at little cost, with a selection of the Terracotta Army found buried in China but mainly full of bronze statues.

It sits beside a lake overlooking a Thai Temples.

Floating Market: A popular attraction to Pattaya is the Floating Market situated on the Sukhumvit Highway just south of Pattaya with lots of stalls selling a variety of items.

Things to Do in Pattaya

Horseshoe Point: Horseshoe Point is for both serious horse riders and novices.

There are also other attractions such as Three Kingdoms Park and the Thai Polo Club.

Khao Chee Chan (Buddha Mountain): ”Golden Buddha” The biggest Buddha image in the world.

Lasered by the Americans in 1996 to commemorate King Bhumibol’s Golden Jubilee.

It only took 2 days to laser, but several months to fill with gold leaf at a cost of over US$3 million.

A Striking image leading to lovely gardens and situated very close to Silver Lake Winery

Silverlake Vineyards: A working vineyard overlooking Silverlake.

Its cellar sells wine and other grape products.

There is also a restaurant built into the hillside.

Free entry, you can relax listening to music played on the hillside, walk in the gardens or take a tour on Silverlakes coach tours or amble in a Pony and Trap.

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